A constantly growing market: ours

Working alongside the companies which request our professional expertise and assistance, we take special care over every single project, from the preparation of studies and technical reports to the production of drawings and prototypes, through to manufacturing as such.
We operate successfully in a wide variety of industrial contexts: mechanical engineering, food, furnishings, as well as equipment for trade fair stands, art galleries and museums. The experience gained in the field enables us to offer an extremely flexible, quick service, with precise compliance with delivery schedules. What's more, thanks to the use of the latest processing techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to produce to the highest quality standards.


Some examples of the main sectors of application

After analysing the needs of various product sectors, we have designed an innovative multipurpose revolving free-standing display unit.
The unit can be customised to suit specific functional and dimensional needs, becoming the ideal solution even where space is limited. It can also be supplied with internal lighting, and the revolving platforms allow the creation of attractive, enticing displays. Ideal in the manufacturing and para-pharmaceutical industry.

During the last decade a large number of materials have been used for the construction of drum kits, and we have conceived an innovative musical instrument that guarantees high-quality performances. Plexiglas drum kits are designed to amplify the sound, making it unique and powerful with an exclusive volume and timbre. These drum kits are virtually indestructible, are unaffected by damp, and are lighter than the traditional type.

As the meaning of living-space evolves, society is increasingly oriented towards a culture of comfort and personalisation, with functionality a key factor. Thanks to the outstanding versatility, adaptability and flexibility of plastic, we are able to produce designs with high stylistic content that meet the customer's quality standards. Chairs, lights, tables, shower cabins, vases and storage units: we can produce furnishing accessories of all kinds.

The quality of our materials and our design expertise enable us to develop innovative functional solutions for lighting in the home. Not satisfied with just giving our products an emotional dimension, we also believe in the need to deliver useful, functional solutions for home design. Plastic is highly permeable and diffuses light very effectively: a series of perfect light fittings for both private and public settings: a series of perfect light fittings for both private and public settings.

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